About Us

TeachWiz is a eLearning Studio specializing in creating interactive, tailor-made and exciting learning experiences. Our Wizards possess many skills, hailing from the Lore of Graphic Design and Instructional Design, the School of eLearning, and the Guild of Video Editing.

Our solutions will upskill and develop your people, while keeping them motivated ang engaged throughout their learning experience. Distance is nothing to Wizards, as space is but an illusion – thus the “distance barrier” is no more! Our training programs are available to anyone with an Internet connection!

What will be in the courses and trainings we make for you? We will decide together. We’re here for you, and only by listening to you are we able to create the perfect product that will raise the learning experience for your organization to a new level. Our solutions provide an outstandingly high ROI, due to infinite reusability of the content. By cutting your L&D costs by as much as half, providing global coverage and allowing your people to “Learn in Gears”, our courses are the ultimate eLearning solutions!

Our expertise can greatly complement your business, in a very simple way – we provide unique and customized content, while driving down the overall upskilling and training costs.