What Is eLearning?

eLearning is still new. Organizations and corporations have started realizing the true potential of this tool, utilizing it in order to stand out against their competition. eLearning provides employees with a unique development experience, allowing them to learn new skills as well as improve existing ones.

L&D (Learning and Development) is a crucial element of every organization considering that each organization is as strong as its individual contributors – the employees. But what is it?

eLearning provides you with the ability to create online courses, accessible through any browser and with any internet quality, anywhere in the world. These online courses have the ability to enhance existing skills or teach entirely new one to a wide workforce population. This eLearning course can be anything from a soft skill training, code of conduct training to a complex multi-level software simulation. There is practically no topic that can’t be covered by eLearning tools, at least to some extent.

Why Is eLearning Essential?

It speeds up the upskilling and employee training. Research done in 2017 by Brandon Hall Group’s HCM prove that this type of employee training can speed up the process up to 60%. The biggest benefit here is the fact that they can access this type of training at any time and complete it at their own pace.

It is cost effective, too. It significantly reduces the need for face to face
training. This cuts down costs as well as logistics. There will no longer be any needs for professional trainers. Furthermore, you can recycle the created online course and use it an infinite number of times, without any limit to the audience size.

It is far more engaging. Given the level of engagement, the participant has the learning retention increased exponentially.