Gamification and its benefits in eLearning Courses

Gamification in eLearning is an emerging trend which has become wildly popular in recent times. Its popularity is well-founded and the reasons for it are numerous. From increasing learner engagement to enhancing the overall learning experience, gamification is on the way to become the ultimate learning experience.
You see, gaming is something that a lot of people are interested in. Over 75% of the people are gamers and this number is projected to increase in the following years. It then stands to reason that they are much more comfortable with learning material that resembles games.

Top 5 gamification benefits

Here are just a few of most common benefits that gamification brings into eLearning environment

  • Increases the engagement of learners

The most common problem in education is to keep the attention of prospective learners. Gamification solves this by motivating them to reach a goal and makes them feel positive about the whole learning process. They become active participants instead of passive observers. This, in turn, links the knowledge to the positive experience and creates long-term memory.

  • Creates a fun and interactive environment

Gamifying an eLearning course makes it way more fun than a traditional approach. It creates goal-driven interaction and excitement in learners. This, in turn, creates immersion and desire to do well. It all forms an experience that is easily committed to memory.

  • Improved absorption and retention of knowledge

The whole point of eLearning courses is to instill knowledge in its learners. Gamification accomplishes this by creating a blend of endorphins and knowledge. This blend makes learners more capable of accessing this knowledge in real world situations.

  • Creates an opportunity to experience real world applications

Interactive environment created by gamification is the perfect staging point for experiencing real world applications of the subject matter. Learners can experience the results of their choices. If they did well, they are rewarded and able to progress to the next level. If they do not do well, they are simply not rewarded, and their progress is limited. Fun and risk-free environment creates an experience that can easily translate into professional or personal setting.

  • Creates a better overall learning experience for all age groups

As far as Gamification in eLearning goes, it does not matter if the learners are adults or still in elementary school. The whole idea is to have fun and get excited about learning. In fact, if you apply gamification in the right way, the learners will not even know that they are learning. They are simply enjoying the game. And here is where the actual learning occurs. If you are having fun and are enjoying the course, knowledge comes naturally.
These benefits are all scientifically proven and are just the tip of the iceberg that is gamification in eLearning. If you want your eLearning courses to be rich and dynamic experiences, look no further than their gamification!