Teaching Wizards

A group of likeminded coaches, instructional designers, artists and graphic designers as well as eLearning specialists came together around one idea. This idea soon started growing, and with a lot of love and care it took form. This form was nothing short of magical, and from it the name came to be – Teaching Wizards (TeachWiz for friends).

With a combination of skills that the wizards honed, the ultimate content quality was unavoidable. Top this of with a combination of experience from two very large sectors – corporate and humanitarian, and you have yourself a set of top of the line experts.

The element that makes us different from all the other experts is the fact that we make custom tailored content based on your desire. Teaching Wizards bring the magic to your screen, smartphone or tablet. Any place, any time. You can have us put your content together or go as far as have us make everything from scratch. We also specialize in photography, voice acting and hand-drawn illustrations. Any type of media that could make your eLearning content richer – we have it!

We cherish our creativity and hone the unique approach we have towards education. Our SCRUM oriented teams are encouraged to be creative, and each sprint we do creates unique and engaging content. We strongly believe in the power of gamification, whenever applicable, in order to engage your most valuable resource – the people.

Our Teaching Wizards strongly believe that learning is not something that can be forced upon others. It is something that people have to wish to do, freely and in their own time. Only then do you get the most out of your employee education.

Our greatest wish? To earn your trust and to show you the way of the Wizards. To prove that learning can be a very fun, engaging and lasting process. That the knowledge gained can be put to good use. That the learning we make is reusable, infinitely.

Teaching Wizards are there to support you throughout the entire process. If you are curious to see what it is that we do, but you are uncertain about how your organization can use it – one of our Wizards will gladly listen to your questions and try to answer all of them.

Hope to hear from you soon!


The Wizards